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          NORTH WEST Monthly Cost
  01.  North West 16 and under £30.00
  02.  North West over 16 £40.00
  03.  Merseyside Plus 19 and under £30.00
  04.  Merseyside Plus over 19 £40.00


Information - Please read


Please select your required Young Persons’ Saver / Student saver ticket zone from the list below

* Please complete all required fields – information not completed will delay your Smartcard/Mobile ticket being sent to you.

* You can choose either to pay by Direct Debit on either the 1st or the 15th of the month.

* Payments taken on 1st month – Student ticket will be valid from 12th month.

* Payments taken on the 15th month – Student ticket will be valid from 27th month.

* The Arriva Smart Card will be ready to use when you receive it - simply scan on the bus.

* Mobile tickets via Arriva M Ticket App – you will need to download the App, create an account including your name, email and mobile number. Your ticket will be sent to the App 5 days after payment has been taken. PLEASE NOTE – You will have to check the Arriva M Ticket App. You will NOT receive a text message. Activate the ticket when you are ready to use it.

* Your Direct Debit will continue to be taken every month until you decide to cancel.

* Please allow 10 working days for a Direct Debit instruction to be cancelled.

* Arriva will not be responsible to issue any refunds if a Direct Debit instruction has not been cancelled in time before the next payment is due.

*If you cancel your Direct Debit or a payment has been declined, your Smart Card / Mobile will be cancelled immediately.

* To avoid your ticket being cancelled, you can pay by debit/credit card for any missed payments.

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