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 Zone Monthly Cost Annual Cost
 Bishop Auckland saver £45.34 £544.08
 Cramlington routesaver £55.67 £668.04
 Darlington Town Saver £39.17 £470.04
 Darlington District Saver £44.17 £530.04
 Durham City Saver £44.59 £535.08
 Durham City & Brandon Saver £44.59 £535.08
 Durham District Saver £54.34 £652.08
 Durham County £79.34 £952.08
 East Durham Saver  Sunderland+Seaham  £49.17 £590.04
 East Durham Saver Peterlee £49.17 £590.04
 East Durham Saver Hartlepool £49.17 £590.04
 East Durham All Zones £69.00 £828.00
 Rothbury Routesaver £78.50 £942.00
 Morpeth Routesaver £76.75 £921.00
 Redcar Saver £36.42 £439.04
 X1 Routesaver (Darlington-Crook) £69.00 £828.00
 Teesside Saver £48.84 £586.08
 Teesside & East Cleveland Saver  £54.17 £650.04
 Tees Valley Saver £81.42 £977.04
 X3/X4 Routesaver (Middlesbrough-Redcar-Saltburn) £42.67 £512.04
 X12 Routesaver (Durham – Newcastle) £42.67 £512.04
 Service 6 Routesaver £51.09 £613.08
 Service 6 Routesaver PLUS £56.09 £673.08
 Coastliner Routesaver £46.50 £558.00
 Quorum/Killingworth Routesaver £43.00 £516.00
 QCard Saver (Valid between Four Lane Ends - Quorum)    
 Northumberland & Tyne+Wear Savers
 Morpeth Saver £54.34 £652.08
 Ashington Saver £54.34 £652.08
 Blyth Valley Saver £54.34 £652.08
 Tyne + Wear Saver £54.34 £652.08
 Tyne Valley Saver £54.34 £652.08
 Morpeth & Ashington Saver £82.42 £989.04
 Morpeth & Blyth Valley Saver £82.42 £989.04
 Ashington & Blyth Valley Saver £82.42 £989.04
 Blyth Valley & Tyne + Wear Saver £82.42 £989.04
 Tyne + Wear & Tyne Valley Saver £82.42 £989.04
 Regionwide Saver £86.25 £1035.00


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