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EthicalMuch is a unique and inspirational magazine. As well as amazing Good Deeds there’s articles and interviews covering art, business, culture, and life. It’s a beautiful magazine, designed to be collected as an extraordinary library of ever increasing acts of kindness and real life transformations. Your subscription changes lives, and gives you the power to make even more good happen. 


  • Receive EM Magazine in the post six times per year, submit articles, letters, and photos for publication. 
  • Support the life changing work we do and be part of a new and exciting way to heal lives and change the World.
  • Make additional donations and we’ll do even more impactful good deeds. Subscribing gives you the power to change, and even save, lives. We always show you exactly how your donation is used and the good you personally made happen.
  • Invite a friend, relative, or neighbour and we’ll give you £25 as a thank you, paid directly into your bank account. You can invite as many people as you like. The more people who subscribe the more good we can do. 


There’s a £5 p/m option and a £10 p/m option. The £10 p/m option includes a £5 donation into the collective good deed fund each month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, you are in control, and your payments are covered by the direct debit guarantee. Subscribing changes lives, and will enrich your own.

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