ASSAP Electronic Membership - Publications sent electronically - £5.00 per year
          ASSAP Associate Membership - One set of publications - £20.00 per year
          Dual Electronic Membership for two people - Publications sent electronically -  £10.00 per year
          Dual Associate Membership, two people - One set of publications - £20.00 per year
          ASSAP Concession membership - One set of publications - £15.00 per year


Welcome to The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomolous Phenomena (ASSAP) Direct Debit setup facility. Eazy Collect Services Limted, a BACS Approved Direct Debit Bureau, have been assigned to make this process simple. Once in place, all future subscriptions will be collected by monthly or annual direct debit.

Direct Debits can now be set up online, over the telephone or via postal method.

Once you have confirmed your details, the frequency will be displayed as Monthly. This will be set as Monthly, every 12 months and will be confirmed on the follow up letter to your setup. If you have any questions regarding this, please do contact Eazy Collect Services Ltd on 01242 269790 who can confirm this to be correct on your account.

For all other Terms & Conditions related to your membership please contact ASSAP directly on 0845 652 1648 or

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